About us page

About us page

Rick Chase 55
, retired VIA Rail Engineer
Current role: Chief RV Operator and Technician
Joanne Chase 50, retired IT Recruiter
Current role: Navigator and Reservation Specialist

Our Set-Up
2016 Dodge Ram 2500 Cumins Diesel
2016 Grand Design Reflection 33RLS
2 Honda 2000 generators
Solar – coming soon
Feelfree tandem kayak by Corona
2 bikes
2 sets of Golf Clubs

RV & Camping Experience

Planning and Dreaming
4 years, with last 12 months seriously

Camping Methods
Boondocking, and Dispersed Camping whenever we can with a mix of Provincial Parks, State Parks, National Parks and Private Parks.
Always looking for sites near lakes and rivers, hiking and biking trails and occasionally a golf course

Apps and Sites we rely on
Ultimate Campgrounds

Blogs we are following
Drivin and Vibin
Love your RV
Love the RV Life
Adventure in a Backpack

Rick and I seized the opportunity to retire early and cash in on the overpriced Toronto Real Estate market. We are taking off to explore the U.S. and Canada and see places we have heard and dreamed about. We are seizing the moment while we are still young, healthy and able as we both have too many friends that didn’t get the chance. This blog is created to share our adventures and experience with family, friends and fellow travelers and inspire others to travel and live in the now

Follow us while we are CHASENrDREAMS

7 thoughts on “About us page

    1. Thanks Lori, had some help from Travis, setting it up on the backend ;). It’s a bit time consuming but fun to write and provides us with a permanent record of this trip and hopefully inspires others to travel.

  1. Awesome Jo! We have to follow our dreams or before you know it….time has passed us by. The aches and pains set in too early! We hope you will come by on your way home to see our new farm living. We are a long way from recruiting in the big smoke now! Be safe and have a super time..hugs love D.

  2. Love your blog. We too are going to sell our house in Burlington and cash in on the great real estate market (at least for the sellers).We are just days from listing our house. We are not sure whether to go with a Reflection or Solitude. What made you decide on the Reflection? Which dealership did you buy from in Ontario and did you have a good experience. There will be more questions to ask you as we get prepared to full time. This has been our dream for a long time since we got our 1987 motorhome in 2000 (which we still have). I hope we don’t bug you too much. There are many questions to ask.

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