The Route

The Route

The Route

Originally a 6 month tour of the South West States starting in November, and then heading into BC / the Yukon and Alberta for the summer months and finding our way back to Ontario in August.

The Detour
Since the sale of our house closed sooner then expected, August 19th vs Late October, we are currently spending August \ September \ October touring Southern Ontario focusing on
– Muskoka
– Ottawa Valley
– Lake Huron
– Parry Sound
– With occasional trips to our hometown of Toronto

PreTrip –¬†October 21st to October 31st – Calgary Alberta, Halloween Build

Stage 1
November to Mid-December
Toronto to New Orleans
– Toronto to Lansing Mi
– Lansing Mi to St Joe Mi
– St. Joe thru Indiana to Louisville, Kentucky
– Louisville to Clarksville\Nashville Tennessee
– Nashville to Memphis
– Memphis to Delta National Forest, Mississippi
– Delta National Forest to New Orleans

New Orleans to Oklahoma
– New Orleans up thru Arkansas to catch Old Route 66 / I40

Oklahoma to Palm Springs
– Quick tour spread over approximately 3 weeks thru Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ending up in the Palm Springs Area for some family time over Christmas and New Years

Stage 1A

– Skip Memphis, take the Natchez Trace Parkway instead

– End up in New Orleans via Tupelo and Grand Gulf

– leave New Orleans to head up to Louisiana towards Route 66

– Do an abrupt u-turn and head back south to the Gulf of Texas

РFollow The Gulf to Laredo Texas 

And follow the Texas Mexico border skirting New Mexico and Arizona and then up to Palm Springs

Stage 2
January \ February
– Hanging out in California \ Nevada \Arizona – boondocking as much as we can and taking advantage of some of the amazing National Parks

Stage 3
March \ April
– More in depth time in Texas and New Mexico including exploring the Gulf Coast
– Utah for a few weeks
– Heading over to the coast and up thru Oregon and Washington into British Columbia

Stage 4
May \ June \ July
– British Columbia with a week or two on Vancouver Island
– Over to the mainland via ferry from the north of the island
– Up the coast to the Yukon for a few weeks
– Back down thru the east side of British -Columbia to Alberta aiming to arrive in time for Stampede
– Meander thru Saskatchewan and Manitoba back to Ontario


13 thoughts on “The Route

  1. Hi Jo! So happy to see your plan/adventures… We’d love to host you on SSI – yes we finally have a proper guest bedroom and the new kitchen will be complete when you get here. Actually it may be a completed secondary suite that will be rented out next summer for air BnB. I suppose you wouldn’t need it with the RV but it may be nice to have a change. I’d love to actually show you around Salt Spring – last time you were here was short and sweet…
    Have a fabulous trip!!

  2. I want to drive west from Toronto and dip my foot in the Yukon to see what it’s like, so I can’t wait to hear about it!

    Jeremy wants to do “Route 66” and we just watch an interesting show about how the parts that have been abandoned. Really untested in your experience there too!

  3. This is a great idea! Thanks for setting this up so that all of us can go through this amazing experience with both of you. Can’t wait to see you.

  4. Pretty cool trip. So jealous and so happy that you are both living the dream! Safe travels and can’t wait to see the updates.

  5. It was so great meeting you and Rick in Nashville and connecting on the Natchez Trace. We just got off today after two nights at Rocky Springs. We even walked the two miles to the old town site! Was hoping to see you there before we left today. We are now at the Coushatta Casino in Louisiana. ( doing laundry, not gambling). Will be in Texas tomorrow. Happy Trails!

    1. Thanks Sherry ! GLad you are enjoying it. If you add your name and email to the subscribe box, you will get an email letting you know when we ad updates.

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