Day 304 – 305 Alberta Beach, Alberta

Day 304 – 305 Alberta Beach, Alberta

Day 304 -305 – June 19th & 20th, 2017
Alberta Beach, Alberta
Alberta Beach Golf and RV Resort
Well Hello Alberta !

We had a pretty big drive in front of us so we packed up early and hit the road.  Travis would be flying into Edmonton in 2 days and we were heading to a little known lake about an hour from the Edmonton Airport.  Our drive today would take us through Jasper Nationalal park, which we would be returning to for 6 nights with Travis.

I was excited to be back in Alberta as Jasper and Banff are two of my very favourite places in Canada.  And though it was rather gray and gloomy, I had Rick pull over, so I could breathe in the mountains and take a few pictures to share with you.

Even on a a gray day they are majestic and beautiful and can lift your spirits

Within a few miles we were greeted by a herd of elk grazing by the highway.  I had forgotten the chaos and traffic this causes, especially in the summer months, but I managed to get a couple of pics without cars and tourists 

Such an awesome creature!

A little further into the park and we came across a couple of big horn sheep.  They were all out to greet us and we were only a half hour into the park.

At the far eastern perimeter of the park, we discovered a series of lakes that we looked forward to exploring, later when we were camping at Pocahontas

We arrived at Alberta Beach Golf & RV Resort in time to get a quick round of golf in.  Resort would be a bit of a far stretch, but it had everything we needed for the next few days.  

We walked down to the lake, later in the evening to watch the sunset.

And a wake surfer enjoying the last light

The next day we drove into Edmonton to do a huge grocery shop as we knew that Jasper and Lake Louise would have limited groceries and very high prices.  All stocked up, we were ready for Travis to arrive the next day !

Today’s Tallies
Camping Costs

$30 – 50% Off with our Passport America Discount
– Full Services- Water, Electric, Sewer
Low – 12
High – 24
726 meters
Towing Kilometres
341 km

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