Day 303 – Mount Robson, British Columbia

Day 303 – Mount Robson, British Columbia

Day 303 – June 18th, 2017
Mount Robson, British Columbia
Mount Robson Provincial Park
Kinnery Lake

We had our first real sleep in, in a long time, and ended up getting to Mount Robson Provincial Park, shortly after 2:00pm.  We found we had a great spot right by the river.  I just love the milky turquoise colours of glacial fed rivers and lakes.

Beautiful views both up and down the river !

We headed to the Visitor Centre to get some trail maps and decided on the Berg Lake Trail.   This is a popular back-country walk-in camping trail, similar to the style of the West Coast Trail. It allows you to hike in for a couple of days with all your supplies.  We would take it as far as Kinnery Lake which would be about a 10k hike in and out.

The hike followed the Robson River.  Mount Robson’s four glaciers supply melt water to the Robson River as do the eight other glaciers in the watershed and it is the rock flour that gives the Robson it’s milky blue colour.

This water travels all the way to the Fraser River.  There are no lakes along the Fraser River for the rock flour to settle out, so it travels a journey of a thousand kilometers to the Pacific Ocean.

Mount Robson, the highest point in the Canadian Rockies, loomed in the clouds ahead of us 

There were beautiful waterfalls along the trail

And new mountains appeared in the clearings 

The snowy glaciers were so thick and the sky changed to a brilliant blue !

Our first glimpse of the turquoise blue waters on Kinnery Lake

A short while later some more expansive views, through the trees

Majestic mountains surround the lake

But we needed to hike around it to truly appreciate it.

So up and around we hiked, til we reached the stoney beaches on the far side.

Kinnery Lake had the colours and beauty of Lake Louise but was untouched, void of tourists.

It was peaceful and pristine !

We even saw some people swimming in the chilly water on the far side of the lake!  We could hear their screams as the entered the water.

And then it was time to start the hike back 

One last glimpse from the bridge, of yet another place we are destined to return to

The skies were much bluer now and the mountains shone in all their glory 

Back at the Visitor Center, Mount Klapperhorn had sprung to life with the blue sky above it.

And the clouds over Mt. Robson, had lifted as far as they would that day, giving us the best view of Mt. Robson we were going to get this trip.

It had been a pretty huge hike in and out to the lake and it was now time to take our chairs and drinks down to the river and relax 


Today’s Tallies
Camping Costs

$34 – No Services
Low – 10
High – 21
1057 meters
Towing Kilometres
33 km

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