Day 302 – Valemount, British Columbia

Day 302 – Valemount, British Columbia

Day 302 – June 17th, 2017
Valemount, British Columbia
Irvin RV Park
Our Love Affair with Valemount Begins

We woke to a bright sunny morning with the clouds sitting below the  mountains !  We were due to check-in to Mt. Robson Provincial Park today but having scored the Craft Beer Fesitval tickets, I phoned ahead and let them know we wouldn’t be arriving til Sunday.  It was going to shorten our stay to only one night, but we had weeks of the Rockies in front of us !

Rick spent the day rebuilding the tech drawer and even had a chance to wash the RV, for only the second time during the now 300+ days we had been on the road.   The shuttle to the Festival picked us up at 4:00pm along with a handful of others from the park and whisked us off to the airfield.  The Festival was so well organized – no one could drive to the airfield, no parking was available, instead shuttles were picking people up at the the RV parks and hotels around town as well as a stop downtown for the locals!  It was a great way to ensure that no one drank and drove and the shuttle was included in the price of your tickets.

The weather had turned, during the course of the day and it was cloudier and cooler then expected and everyone was hoping the rain would hold off.

The airfield was the perfect setting for a Craft Beer Festival, with the backdrop of the three mountain ranges behind !

We met so many friendly and incredible people, most from Jasper, and we quckly learned that Valemount was now Jasper’s playground.   A place to camp, hike, mountain bike and ski, away from the tourism of Jasper.


The bands were great and so were the food trucks !

And even when the skies turned gloomy it was still beautiful !

There were 6 Craft Breweries, A Cidery and a Winery and we sampled them all and talked with their owners.

 We introduced ourselves to a couple of the partners that ran Left Field Cidery and mentioned that Toronto had their own Left Field Craft Brewery.  They then told us, that after Left Field in Toronto had opened, they discovered that Left Field in B.C. already existed and contacted them and asked them if they were going to sue them or force them to change their name ? The partners at the Cidery laughed and instead, wished Toronto’s Left Field luck in their business and said they would look for their beer.  Shortly their after received a couriered case fo Left Field’s Beer.  It was a great story and reinforced the collective, harmonious and supportive nature we continue to see in the entrepreneurs in the Craft Beer Industry in both Canada and The States

As night approached the sun came back out and cast awesome light on the mountains

Once again different in each direction

The bands got a bit louder and the dancing more jovial.  We met a couple of girls up dancing with little antlers on and stopped and talked to them.   We told them of our family connection to Manantler Brewery in Ontario and how perfect these little hand made antlers would be for events the attended or even for their staff to wear at the Brewery ! Unfortunately they had none for sale with them, but we did their card.

Rick, living proof of Manantler !

It was amazing how it stayed light until well past 10:30, I had forgotten this special treasure of the west !

It had been an awesome event and we loved meeting so many genuine people.  Valemount was definitely somewhere we would return to and spend much more time in !


Today’s Tallies
Camping Costs

$35 – Full Service – Water, Sewer, Electric
Low – 8
High – 18
788 meters
Towing Kilometres
0 km

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