Day 301 – Valemount, British Columbia

Day 301 – Valemount, British Columbia

Day 301 – June 16th, 2017
Valemount, British Columbia
Irvin’s RV Park
Nice but……

The bugs, the rain, the cold weather and B.C. Parks restrictive generators rules had gotten to us and we woke and made the decision to abandon this experience and leave a day early.  Throw in the lack of basic communication and we were done.  We began to pack up.

And then there was a knock on our door and it was the outfitter telling us to be sure to arrive 15 minutes early for the boat tour and well, Rick just couldn’t say “no”, so we decided to pack up, take the tour and then head out.

We did not regret, the boat tour ! There was us, two other couple and our guide Ray, who had grown up on this lake and these mountains.  He was a spirited story teller with a great sense of humour and loved to tell of his experiences in the mountains, on the water and back country camping.

He even had Rick take the wheel for a bit

The shorelines, reminded us of Muskoka


And then we turned a corner and the snow capped Caribou Mountains came into view!

And the clouds starting rolling in quickly, and the blue skies disappeared 

We stopped the boat, by one of the canoe-in campsites and listened to Ray’s stories about some of his run ins with bears while hiking and snowboarding on these mountains

He fixed us up with coffee, tea and hot chocoloates as he told his tales 

All the while keeping his eye on the weather….  The rain blew in for 5 or 10 minutes and then blew out

We were a bit over our tour time, having had to wait out the weather, but Ray wanted us to see one of waterfalls that fed into the lake.  It was hard to snap a picture as the boat bounced around, but here’s a glimpse of it

We headed back to shore, took one last look at the lake and headed back to the RV, to start making tracks.

Where we were headed, we weren’t sure, since we had been without internet…… We had seen an intriguing Poster in the grocery store in Clearwater before we set out on the road to Wells Gray and we kind of had this town in mind !

When we finally got cell signal we determined it was 200 km and headed there ! We found a great little RV Park on the edge of town, spacious sites, plenty of sunshine and incredible 360 mountain views !

Valemount was smack in the middle of three mountain ranges.  

The Selkirks

The Caribou

And the Rockies – it was my first view of the Rockies and I immediately felt home, grounded and a swell of Canadian Pride 

Once settled we went to find out about the Craft Beer Festival.  Our Park Host explained it was a big event for the town and that the event had been sold out for weeks.  She added in, it was a shame too, as there was a shuttle right from the Park to the festival,  that was being held at the airfield outside of town.

Now we are never ones to take “no’ for an an answer and I knew in this tiny town of 1,o2o there had to be a couple of tickets for a price.  So we headed straight to their own Craft Brewery, Three Ranges !  And sure enough the bartender hooked us up with a scalper who had two tickets for sale.  Rick jumped in the truck and headed down the street to the pub to get them.

And we celebrated our luck with a flight on Three Ranges Patio.   Valemount was a cool town, with great views and a great vibe !

The Caribou Grill was the recommendation for dinner and we enjoyed an awesome Prime Rib Dinner, and both agreed it was the best meal we had out, during the whole trip ! It was the true authentic western dining experience !

We were back at the park in time for an incredible mountain sunset !

With each range capturing it differently

I was in awe !

The way the last light hit little spots on the Caribou Mountains, was so cool

And the moody skies over the Selkirks

And the clouds enhancing the sun’s last light!

And finally the pinks and orange illuminations


Today’s Tallies
Camping Costs

$30 – Full Service – Water, Sewer and Electric
Low – 6
High – 12 @Well’s Gray \ 24 @ Valemount
788 meters
Towing Kilometres
207 km

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