Day 300 – Clearwater, British Columbia

Day 300 – Clearwater, British Columbia

Day 300 – June 15th
Clearwater, British Columbia
Well’s Gray Provincial Park
Mosquitoes and Waterfalls

Unfortunately for us the weather was not great and it was the height of mosquito season. We were determined to make the best of it and layer up and hike when it wasn’t pouring rain

The river ran behind the sites and there was a nice trail along side it

The area area had been ravaged by some pretty severe winds in the past couple of weeks and there were trees uprooted everywhere.

There was a pretty waterfall separating the two Campgrounds 

And more waterfalls as we hiked towards the main lodge 

The park had a small family run outfitter lodge / restaurant with boat tours, canoe rentals, water taxi’s and very limited wifi. 

The rain was imminent today so we grabbed some hiking trail maps.  They were pretty good sales people, so we said we would consider a boat tour tomorrow and for today fit in whatever hiking we could.

We were in deep bear country now, both black bear and grizzly, so before heading out hiking we read their “Bear Watching Etiquette” pamplet and sign.  Well’s Gray is a very popular spot with the German Tourists. Most renting Canadreams or Adventurers RV’s, so much so that  all of Well’s Gray’s pamphlets were written in English and German !

We set out for the trail along Clearwater Lake, and passed this rustic old homesteader cabin.  There were 4 families that settled in the Well’s Gray area and a couple are still farming up here.

The trail was narrow and took you right along the edge of the lake

More evidence of the damage the winds and rains had done

The trail was also slippery and muddy

And subject to slides

We hiked for about an hour until the rain got stronger and we retreated to the RV for a few hours.

Around 3:00pm the rain let up a bit and we headed out to see some of the Falls. Bailey’s Chute was the first one!

The force of the water was absolutely violent.  I was able to capture some great “live” photos on my IPhone, but they may not show as well in the stills 

Then off to the famous Helmcken Falls.  It was truly spectacular 

The trail took you along a steep gorge, with little or no barriers

With great views of the river running away from the Falls, far below 

And more incredible views of Helmcken Falls

From there we decided to take the hike to Dawson Falls, it was raining on and off so we were avoiding the longer hikes, we didn’t want to get an hour or more out and all of a sudden be in a torrential down pour.  Thoughout all these short hikes our bear spray and horns were on our packs.  We had seen bears on the road and fresh bear skat on the trails.  

The trials were lined with purple and orange wild flowers and of course the sweet grass that the bears all love.

Dawson Falls 

We can only imagine how beautiful these falls all look on a sunny blue sky day !

The hike at Dawson Falls gave us a glimpse of the narrow ‘one vehicle only” bridge that we had come across on our way in and reminded us we had it to look forward to on our way out.

The rain had stopped making the bugs thick, and it was close to dinner time so we decided to retreat back to the RV. We stopped at The Outfitters on the way back to try and check messages (their wifi wasn’t working) and instead were persuaded to sign up for the 11:00am boat tour of Clearwater Lake.


Today’s Tallies
Camping Costs

$32 + $6 Reservation Fee – Dry Camping – No Services
Low – 6
High – 12
748 meters
Towing Kilometres
0 km


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