Day 295 – 298 – Scotch Creek, British Columbia

Day 295 – 298 – Scotch Creek, British Columbia

Day 295 – 298 – June 10th – June 13th
Scotch Creek, British Columbia
Shuswap Provincial Park
Wine, Stein, Dine and Dance

We had a fun weeekend up at Scotch Creek with Ruth & Richard.  The weather was a bit of a mix, overcast on Saturday but sunny and nice on Sunday and Monday.

Rick and Richard, sported 2 new “loud shirts” from Enderby Flea Market, where we scored the shirts and some other treasures for our RV

Richard was The Fire Master, chopping wood and keeeping the fire going all weekend.  They also loved a wood fire…

Rich taught Rick how to start a fire with a Dorito

And when we ran low on wood, Richard always found more

Ruthie and I kept warm in our “Pooks”, our big find of the weekend

Richard thought our Pooks could be a good disguise for gathering more firewood, but we vetoed that idea

While out exploring we discovered that we were in town for the Saturday night, “Wine, Stein, Dine and Dance” and scored the last few tickets at the local market !

We opted out of the dine portion but were in for the Stein and Dance.  What a riot, the whole town was out and everyone was up dancing.  There were a ton of old hippies living in the area and it was great to watch them all dressed up and working their moves.  The band was great, everyone was super friendly and we had a blast !

We spent the next couple of days hiking, hanging out by the lake, playing bocce and learning some new campfire games.

Water levels were high here, so there were no boats over at Copper Island and no one jumping off the cliffs

Docks were underwater here as well

And benches 

Lucy enjoyed a swim, we thought about it but it was incredibly cold

The loons were enjoying the empty lake 

And once again the lake was a sailors paradise

We managed to catch the final Stanley Cup game at the Copper Island Pub, it’s so nice when they put a Pub right outside the entrance to the Provincial Park!

Ruthie even won $50 at Pull Tabs

And earlier in the day while Richard was napping, Rick managed to make him a sign to go above his “fart couch” at the cottage

Our time with Ruth & Richard was drawing to an end, and Richard slept like a baby on his last night !

Rick and I had a couple of more days enjoying the Shuswap before we headed up to Wells Gray to start our route east to Alberta !  We would miss B.C.’s big lakes and snow capped mountains.

On our last day, we loaded up on groceries in Salmon Arm and I finally found a Goldwell Salon that could colour my hair the way I wanted it ! You have no idea how happy this made me after a couple of months of what felt to me like bleach blonde hair.

And to really make our to last day in the Shuswap memorable, we managed to see a moose !

We had been waiting weeks to see one and he even paused and looked at me long enough for a good photo!



Today’s Tallies
Camping Costs

$32 + $6 Reservation Fee – Dry Camping – No Services
Low – 28
High – 12
355 meters
Towing Kilometres
131 km

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